Anchor Charismatic Church Going Online!

Today Bishop Jay Behan announced that this Sunday will be the last time we can hold public gatherings. In essence, this means that the relaunch of our church at Spreydon School will be postponed. Instead, we will relaunch as an online church. This will bring both challenges and gospel opportunities. We will launch online services using the Zoom conferencing platform. Please note the following:

1. You will all receive an email invitation to a weekly Sunday 10.30 am Anchor Worship gathering. You can also go to the link
below right now to accept the invitation and save it for regular use. It will work on any digital platform. A linking button
will be added to our website and Facebook pages.
This zoom meeting will be video-based and interactive. We will be able to do everything, except sharing the eucharist.

2. We will be commencing a 10-minute nightly prayer service at 9 pm from the New Zealand Prayer Book (page 53 ff) using the same link.

3. I encourage people to gather in their small groups for the Sunday worship zoom link up while it is safe and prudent to do so. You can invite anyone to join us and share the Anchor experience online by sharing the link below. This represents a major opportunity to reach out at a time of uncertainty.

4. I remain committed to your pastoral care and will try to visit parishioners regularly within the limits of social distancing. Please just ask for extra support.

5. In view of the diocesan ban on public gatherings, the wardens have decided to bring forward our AGM to 5.30 pm this Sunday. As our last time altogether physically for a while, we will share communion and deal with the formal business of the church. I have formal nomination forms for elections to the positions of People’s Church Warden, Parish Council member, and Synod Representative.

6. We fully intend to relaunch physically at Spreydon School when we can and this week purchased the necessary AV gear just before we realised that it might be a while before we can use it.

7. We greatly appreciate the direct credit and online bank giving. We can still receive cash in person and by post, but encourage everyone to set up regular bank payments to help grow our financial strength.

We are entering a brave new world full of opportunity and we can trust that our God will build his church as we take care of our neighbours, each other and invite people to meet Jesus online!

The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God – Philippians 4:6

Andrew Allan-Johns
Senior Pastor

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